5 simple tips to help you keep using your smartphone for longer

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Our smartphones have become far more than devices that allow us to stay connected to friends and family. These days, smartphones are also crucial work tools that have very much become a part of the modern office. For precisely this reason, maintaining and taking care of your device is of the utmost importance if you are to keep using it for as long as possible.

If you’re not currently on a cellphone contract, this is even truer. Prepaid allows for great flexibility and provides an easy way to keep track of your exact mobile expenses – also those incurred for business. Keeping your cellphone in good condition helps it to last longer, and there are easy ways to do just this.

1. Clean up your device

When the operation of a cellphone is slow and sluggish, the reason is often that the device is bloated with unnecessary apps that are not used often and just take up space. Get rid of any apps that you have not used in the past few weeks – chances are that you probably won’t use them in the next few weeks or months either.

2. Update apps and OS regularly

One of the simplest ways to keep your phone running smoothly is to avoid skipping updates to apps and the device’s operating system. These updates often contain bug and security fixes that keep your phone safe and working well for longer.

3. Take care of your battery

The lithium-ion batteries used in mobile devices have come a very long way over the past few years but do still tend to run down a little with age. The best way to extend your phone battery’s life is to start paying attention to it from the moment you get your new device. Try to avoid constantly keeping your device on its charger, and also try and keep it from going completely flat. Go longer on a single charge by disabling apps that run in the background when they aren’t being used, by turning down your screen brightness, and by turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when these aren’t in use.

4. Protect your phone

One of the most common reasons phones stops working optimally is damage due to a drop or bump. A good quality cellphone case is your best defence in this regard. It won’t only protect your device from damage but will also keep it looking good for longer. Don’t forget to also invest in a tempered glass screen protector, as damage to the display of the phone might necessitate a screen replacement.

5. Replace your battery and screen when they’re shot instead of replacing the entire phone

There are numerous good cellphone repair shops across the country. Skilful technicians can replace a battery or cellphone display at a cost that might be cheaper than buying a whole new phone. Once these essentials have been replaced, your device will practically be good as new and ready for another run.

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