Why prepaid for business is the most cost-efficient option for any company

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Why prepaid for business is the most cost-efficient option for any company

Hardly anyone would debate the importance of keeping every employee in a company connected. This is especially true in the age of the internet, where our mobile devices are lifelines that don’t only serve as a means to stay in touch but are also increasingly used as tools of work.

When deciding between prepaid and contract options for employees, business owners often don’t realise the numerous benefits that opting for prepaid holds. As employers across the country and the world start reassessing their expenses in the wake of the financial difficulties that COVID-19 has wreaked on businesses in every sphere, it’s certainly worth looking into why prepaid for business is the most cost-efficient option for any company.

1. Prepaid provides greater flexibility because you’re not bound by a contract

Cellphone contracts – even those tailor-made for businesses – require a 24-month commitment from the client. Regardless of whether the number of employees in an organisation changes, the phone contracts that the business has signed up for will not. This means that even if a company has to reduce its number of employees due to financial strain, it will still need to continue paying for the cellphone contracts it has entered into, regardless of whether these contracts are actually being used or not.

With a prepaid business solution, employers have absolute control of what they pay for without having to sign up for a certain period of time. Keeping in mind that signing up for a mobile contract also comes with quite a bit of red tape (credit checks, most notably), prepaid is the easiest option for businesses, no matter if they are big or small.   

2. The number remains linked to your business, even when employees leave

As any business owner will know, employees come and go – and mostly with their personal number in tow. When choosing a prepaid solution, the device and cell number an employee has used remain linked to the business. This not only makes for fewer admin on the business’s behalf, but also means there are less expenses associated with having to sign up for another cellphone contract, or still paying for one that is no longer in use.

3. Prepaid allows you to manage business spending more easily

When times are tough, every cent that is spent or earned by business matters. When employees are on cellphone contracts, included data or airtime can run out at any minute, necessitating recharging and other extra expenses that are often complicated to keep track of – and that, on top of the often exorbitant amounts spent every month on the contracts themselves. Prepaid expenses appear as assets on balance sheets, and every recharge amount is invoiced, which simplifies keeping tabs on just how much of a business’s money is spent on recharging. When businesses choose prepaid for their employees, it is far easier to keep track of exact mobile expenses, making for better management of the business’s overall expenses.

4. It provides a cheaper option to cash-strapped businesses

All in all, prepaid is the more affordable option for businesses. The overall monthly spend on prepaid is less than on contract, as businesses are not paying for a mobile device on top of recharge fees and data bundles. Unlike the included monthly minutes and data bundles that a cellphone contract comes with, data and airtime loaded onto prepaid devices do not expire after 30 days, which means that whatever is left at the end of the month is carried over to the next month, saving businesses money before the next calendar month has even kicked off. Should an employee’s device require a recharge of airtime or data, topping up is as simple as recharging via Business Prepaid (www.businessprepaid.co.za), which means that employees will never be disconnected.

Business Prepaid makes it easy to connect all your employees in the most affordable way. Speak to us about a solution that suits your business.

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