How to save for a smartphone when you are on prepaid

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Save for a smartphone on prepaid

According to the latest figures from Statista, there are approximately 3.8 billion smartphone users in the world today. Considering the global population currently stands at roughly 7.9 billion, this means that very close to half of the world is using a smartphone in 2021 – a staggering statistic, but certainly not one that is unexpected, especially in the era of remote work.

When choosing between prepaid and contract, many smartphone users consider getting a new handset one of the greatest benefits of the latter option. While it is certainly wonderful to not have to pay out of pocket for a brand-new phone, several smartphone users who simply can’t afford to commit to a two-year contract, are opting for prepaid instead.

Like all smartphones, the ones used by prepaid users also run down with time, necessitating the purchase of a new device. As these don’t come as part and parcel of the agreement, as is the case with cellphone contracts, prepaid users have to approach the purchase of a new device differently.

Here is how to save for a smartphone when you’re on prepaid.

Decide what phone you’re saving for in advance

Knowing just how much money you need to save up makes it easier to adjust your budget accordingly. When taking a look at the myriad of smartphones on the market today, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of devices available. For this reason, it helps to decide which features you’d like in your new smartphone in advance. If you are an avid mobile photographer, the quality of a phone’s camera is something that you’ll keep in mind when browsing for a new device, for example. Once you know just how much you’re likely to spend on a new phone, you can actively start saving money for it.

Trade-in or sell your old device

Trading in your current phone is a great way to get a little discount on your new device. While it won’t be enough to cover the entire cost of a new phone, it will save you some bucks when it becomes time to get one.

Buy a refurbished phone

On the face of it, there’s very little that distinguishes a refurbished phone from one that is brand new. This is because refurbished devices, while pre-owned, have been repaired for re-sale, from the display to the hardware and software. Even if refurbished phones are just as good as new, you will be paying thousands of Rand less for some of the leading mobile manufacturers’ flagship devices.

Pay off the phone in instalments

Depending on where you’re buying your new phone from, sellers may offer the chance to pay off the device in instalments instead of paying one lump sum. If this is the case with the cellphone retailer you’re using, you won’t need as much cash saved upfront – just make sure that you have space in your budget for the monthly payment!

Opt for a mid-range device instead of the latest high-end trends

There tends to be commotion around the latest releases from the world’s most prominent mobile manufacturers, even if these devices often don’t differ all that much from the models that preceded them. What is significantly different is the price between the latest phone models and devices in the mid-range. Choosing an older model of smartphone means you’ll still be getting some of the most up-to-date features, but won’t be paying the often-exorbitant prices that are charged for the very newest devices.

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