Join the trend: The growth of prepaid in South Africa

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ICASA’s 2020 State of the ICT Sector report, released in June last year, revealed that South Africa’s smartphone penetration had reached 91.2% in 2019 – quite a jump from 2018’s 81.7%. Of the 96 million mobile cellular phone subscriptions recorded in the country, 82 million (or 85%) were prepaid subscriptions – an increase of 3.3% from the previous year.

Statista estimates that revenue from prepaid mobile data has doubled over the four years from 2015 to 2018, reaching $1.8 billion (close to R27 billion) in 2018.

Prepaid services of all sorts have gradually become more popular in the country, and consumers are now able to access everything from prepaid electricity to prepaid car insurance.

Insofar as it pertains to mobile offerings, one could assume that prepaid mobile options are the go-to for most South Africans due to a number of reasons[AG1] .

First off, the flexibility that prepaid gives consumers makes it a more accessible option for all South Africans, regardless of their socio-economic status. There is a range of prepaid options available from several different mobile service providers, and consumers needn’t sign two-year contracts to stay connected.

Furthermore, prepaid means that clients have greater control over their spending, and don’t spend money on data, voice or other services that they aren’t using and only expire at the end of each month. No credit check is required upon acquiring a prepaid cellphone plan either.

While businesses have long chosen to sign up for costly cellphone contracts to ensure that their employees are always in contact, the world of entrepreneurship and enterprise is now also starting to shift towards prepaid mobile products. Taking note of the significant savings that prepaid can hold for business, and considering that especially SMMEs are feeling the brunt of COVID-19’s economic impact, business owners are now taking full advantage of the financial benefits their companies get when using prepaid.

If convenience and ease of use are what has made you wary of choosing prepaid for your business, look no further than Business Prepaid. This innovative, easy-to-use product makes it easier than ever to keep your company connected for less.

Contact us today to find a prepaid solution that suits your business and it’s unique needs.

 [AG1]Link to previous article:

Why prepaid for business is the most cost-efficient option for any company

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