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One of the most prominent reasons for deciding to switch to prepaid is the cost factor. Mobile users will be well aware that cellphone contracts can be expensive, in addition to the commitment of signing a 24-month contract.

When a business is tasked with keeping all employees connected, mobile contract expenses can quickly become a significant expense, and this can prove a challenge, especially when businesses are strapped for cash due to the uncertain economic climate the country and the world are currently facing.

Business owners may be surprised as to just how much money their organisations can save by switching their employees from contract to prepaid, though.

Research done by Agora Tec showed that among the company’s most high-end spenders that are on cellphone contracts a whopping 77% of these customers underutilised the allocated data bundles, while no less than 99% of these customers underutilised the voice bundle allocation included in their contract.

Taking all the data into account, Agora Tec found that 95% of these customers would have saved, had they been on prepaid instead of contract, with savings averaging 52% among the group surveyed – that comes to an average saving of R608 per month!

R608 per employee per month is no small amount and can make all the difference when business owners are desperate to find cost-saving solutions to see their companies through the current storm.

Business Prepaid gives business owners a novel way to reap the cost-cutting benefits of prepaid, without having to struggle staying on top of recharging when employees run out of airtime or data. With Business Prepaid’s innovative platform airtime, data and voice bundles can quickly and easily be allocated to employees, giving business owners greater control over their mobile expenses, and preventing bill shock. Business Prepaid is entirely customisable to a business’s varied needs, and tax invoices make it so much simpler to keep track of the exact mobile charges a business incurs each month.

To find out how Business Prepaid can help your business save money, click here, or click here to learn about contract options from Agora Tec that will suit your business.

Business Prepaid Blogger

Business Prepaid Blogger

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Business Prepaid is a Simply Smart Airtime alternative, keeping your people connected without the commitment of long-term contracts.  Join for free, customize and recharge the way you want Flexible payment options, and tax invoices to suit you. You get to keep your SIM cards and cell numbers safe and secure  in your digital  SIM Vault.

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