This is how Business Prepaid works

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Business Prepaid

Business Prepaid from Agora Tec helps your business to save on exorbitant monthly mobile contract expenses. Business Prepaid is a simple solution to keep track of prepaid expenses while taking advantage of all the financial benefits this mobile solution offers.

Business Prepaid is made for businesses of any size but may be especially useful to SMMEs that are concerned about spending too much on costly mobile contracts to keep their employees connected. It is also an ideal solution to offer connectivity to individuals not necessarily full-time employed by businesses such as field workers, sales representatives and drivers.

With Business Prepaid you get:

  • Flexible recharge solutions. Allocate a set amount of airtime / data per month per employee, or do a quick recharge if someone ran out
  • A pre-funded wallet to prevent bill shock. Always be in the know of how much you pay.
  • A SIM Vault, with the option to purchase and RICA SIM cards

Using Business Prepaid to top up your employees’ business cellphone numbers is as easy as registering via the Business Prepaid website. Registration and use of this service are completely free, and you only pay for the airtime and bundles you purchase.

Business Prepaid lets business owners allocate airtime and/or data or voice bundles to employees without any fuss, the payment of which can be done either via a monthly debit order, or by pre-funding your Business Prepaid wallet with an EFT, and making purchases using the cash in your wallet.

Business Prepaid is a great solution for businesses that have rotating staff, as SIM cards can be reused when employees leave. Should businesses need extra SIM cards for additional staff, this process is smooth and hassle-free with Business Prepaid’s SIM Vault. Using this central platform, business owners can purchase SIM cards and RICA them, while names can also be allocated to SIM cards to make it easier to stay on top of which employee is spending what. Airtime and bundle purchases can be made at any time, provided there is cash in a user’s wallet.

To find out how much your business can save by switching to prepaid, visit the Business Prepaid website, and click on “Register for free” to get started.

Business Prepaid Blogger

Business Prepaid Blogger

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About Business Prepaid

Business Prepaid is a Simply Smart Airtime alternative, keeping your people connected without the commitment of long-term contracts.  Join for free, customize and recharge the way you want Flexible payment options, and tax invoices to suit you. You get to keep your SIM cards and cell numbers safe and secure  in your digital  SIM Vault.

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