5 indispensable apps to keep your business running smoothly

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Businesses and especially SMMEs need all the tools they can get to keep operations running smoothly. In an era where smartphones have become far more than simple communication devices, there’s a myriad of apps available to help businesses keep track of and stay on top of tasks.

If you are a business owner, here are five apps that you and your employees can use.

Scanner App

You’d think the electronic era would have made scanners obsolete, but businesses still often have to print, scan and resend loads of documents. With Scanner App, you needn’t search for the nearest print shop to quickly and clearly scan documents and save them in PDF format. It’s available for iOS devices.


Every business owner knows the value that good social media management can hold for their enterprise, but precious few have the technical know-how to actually make posts look good. Creating content for your business’s social media profiles is a breeze with Canva – download it on iOS and Android devices.

Google Drive

Cloud storage services like Google Drive are especially important when employees work remotely. With this app, employees have access to all the important documents and files, together with the ability to create, edit and share spreadsheets, presentations and documents. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.


Project management and communication tools like Asana have become the norm all across the globe. Manage tasks better than ever with tools that make sense, no matter what industry your business operates in. Asana can be downloaded to iOS and Android devices.


The most popular business networking platform in the world doesn’t only ensure that your business has a strong professional online presence, but can also help you to market products and services, recruit new employees and see what your competitors are doing. The LinkedIn app is available for iOS and Android.   

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