This is how to curb your business’s mobile bills

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Keeping your employees connected is non-negotiable. If your business is to run efficiently, it goes without saying that your employees need to stay connected and be able to use all the benefits that mobile devices hold for businesses today. Even so, mobile expenses can quickly become significant enough that they also affect the business’s general financial health.

There are plenty of ways in which cellphone bills can become exorbitant, and luckily many of these can be easily remedied to ensure that you don’t spend unnecessarily on mobile expenses for your business.

Automated app and software updates

If your employees are constantly in need of extra data, the reason for them running out quickly may be as simple as apps and software that updates their device automatically. Ask employees to only update apps and software when they come into the office and can connect to Wi-Fi, and you’ll soon see a drop in data usage.

Employees are using data out of bundle

When we don’t use a data bundle to access the internet from our cellphones, we are paying far more for data. With Business Prepaid, ensuring that your employees are always topped up with mobile data is as easy as replenishing their data via our central platform.

Employees are unknowingly subscribed to a WASP service

WASPs (short for Wireless Application Service Provider) create and distribute mobile content to subscribers at a fee, but many people aren’t even aware that they might have signed up for a WASP service. This type of content is often charged daily, which means that users can spend large amounts of airtime on it every month, leading to bill shock for your business.

To unsubscribe to WASP subscriptions on an employee’s Vodacom account, let them send an SMS that says “STOP ALL” to 31050. If they have unwittingly subscribed to a WASP service, they’ll receive a message indicating that their request to unsubscribe has been received, and then another message confirming that they have been unsubscribed. Vodacom customers can also dial *117# from their device and choose “Unsubscribe”. Call Vodacom customer care on 135 to block all future WASP subscriptions on an account.

To find out more about how you can take control of your business’s mobile expenses, contact Business Prepaid today. This service can be tailored to suit businesses of any size and is completely free.

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Business Prepaid Blogger

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