Vodacom announces drop in data prices

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To reduce communication costs and connect more people to the digital economy, mobile service provider Vodacom has announced a significant cut on selected 30-day data bundles and is also allocating more data on some 30-day bundles.

While tariffs on 50GB, 20GB, 10GB, 5GB and 3GB 30-day data bundles remain the same, Vodacom has announced price reductions of up to 14% on other bundles. This is in line with the company’s commitment to lowering the cost of data, especially for the low-end market. Vodacom has almost halved the price of their data offering since April 2019, following a 40% cut to mobile data prices in April last year.

Speaking to MyBroadband, Vodacom’s chief officer for consumer business Jorge Mendes confirmed that the company was on a “mission to connect everyone”.

“Our aim in reducing these prices is to ensure customers are constantly connected on SA’s leading network,” said Mendes.

Here are all the changes to data prices:

  • Vodacom users formerly paid R29 for 150MB of data, but will now pay the same amount for 200MB of data, amounting to a 33% value increase.
  • Vodacom users formerly paid R55 for 325MB of data, but will now pay R49 for 350MB of data, amounting to an 8% value increase and an 11% price reduction.
  • Vodacom users formerly paid R79 for 500MB of data, but will now pay R69 for 500MB, amounting to a 13% price reduction.
  • Vodacom users formerly paid R99 for 1GB of data, but will now pay R85 for 1GB, amounting to a 14% price reduction.
  • Vodacom has also added a new bundle to its offering: users will pay R159 for a 2GB data bundle.

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