Vodacom launches smart GPS tracker

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In March this year, mobile network provider Vodacom launched the first product under its “Designed & Connected by Vodacom” range, and it’s certainly something that both consumer and business customers will be excited about. Called Curve, this smart GPS tracker can be used to keep tabs on everything from school bags to lost dogs.

Utilising a combination of four different tracking technologies (GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular), Curve – which measures 42mm in width and weighs 30g – informs users when the device enters or leaves designated zones. Users can set up multiple zones, and make use of the Vodafone Smart App to monitor the movement of the device. Curve is waterproof at up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Each Curve is fitted with a built-in Vodafone Smart SIM, meaning that users will be alerted of the device’s movements even when it is used from a distance. Curve will also work abroad, as the Smart SIM can be used in more than 100 countries across the globe.

Curve ties in with Vodacom’s plans to expand its Internet of Things (IoT) offering, as local adoption of this technology grows. Just a little bigger than a R5 coin, Curve can be used to keep track of your valuables, kids or pets, says Vodacom Managing Executive of Products and Services, Johnny Dos Santos.

“Now more than ever, people want to stay connected to what matters to them the most, and the new Designed & Connected by Vodacom range is grounded in our relentless mission to connect everyone to the people and the things they love the most. The versatile Curve GPS tracker builds on our existing IoT platforms that provide meaningful solutions to bring light to everyday living, whether it’s to find a misplaced school blazer, keep up with the kids’ whereabouts, or to track if furry friends have roamed a bit further than they should,” said Dos Santos.

The Curve costs R749 and comes with a monthly subscription fee of R39.

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