5 apps small business owners need to help get their start-ups off the ground

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5 small business apps

Small business owners knows when to cut costs and when to keep expenses at a minimum to keep the business afloat in challenging times.

Many small businesses don’t have the cash flow available to hire a professional to fill all the roles within the organisation – this is especially true in the very first months after a business’s launch.

Luckily, the internet is a treasure trove of free apps that make completing certain tasks associated with the running of a business quick and easy. Here are five apps that’ll help to get your SME off the ground.


This project management app makes it easy to keep track of all the daily, weekly and monthly tasks that need to be completed within your business. Asana allows you to assign projects and tasks to certain team members, communicate with employees and add comments, while the free version of the app also offers unlimited file storage for files up to 100MB each. Get it on your Apple or Android device.


If you started your small enterprise during the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ve probably already utilised this video conferencing software, which has become among the most widely used in the world today. With Zoom’s free version, you can easily record meetings of up to 40 minutes at a time, and have meetings with new or existing clients without having to book a boardroom somewhere. Download it from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Google Drive

Storing files and documents securely in the cloud where employees have easy access from wherever they’re located is easy with a cloud storage service like Google Drive. The first 15GB of storage space is free when you download this app to your Android or Apple device.


If your business isn’t able to afford graphic designer yet, Canva will help you to ensure your social media presence doesn’t look amateurish. With this app, it is easy to create everything from business cards to Instagram and Facebook posts. Download it for Android or Apple.


If your team is yet to appoint a social media manager to make your business’s presence known in the social media sphere, try a free scheduling tool like Buffer. This app’s free version allows three social media accounts and 10 scheduled posts by one user per month. Click here to learn more on accessing Buffer’s free version, and download the app onto your Apple or Android device.

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