7 TED Talks every small business owner should watch

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If you’ve embarked on the arduous journey of starting your own business, you’ll know that being an entrepreneur isn’t exactly smooth sailing all the time. With that being said, there is something very empowering and satisfying in every small success.

The next time you have a few minutes to spare, check out these TED Talks about business and entrepreneurship – you’ll identify with what the speakers have to say, but will definitely learn something while you’re at it, too.

1. How I became an entrepreneur at 66 – Paul Tasner

Paul Tasner founded his own start-up at the age of 66, and in this entertaining talk, he says why it’s never too late to reinvent yourself or pursue an entrepreneurial path.

2. Meet a young entrepreneur, cartoonist, designer, activist… – Maya Penn

This young businesswoman, who started her first company when she was just 8 years old, will leave you with a smile on your face, but also has lessons that her older business peers can certainly benefit from.

3. 5 ways to kill your dreams – Bel Pesce

This talk by TED Fellow and Brazilian entrepreneur Bel Pesce elaborates on why so very few people actually start that project they’ve wanted to take on for so long.

4. How great leaders inspire action – Simon Sinek

Starting a business doesn’t only require entrepreneurial drive and business savvy, but also means that business owners will have to learn to be good leaders. Simon Sinek has a few pointers.

5. 3 ways to measure your adaptability – and how to improve it – Natalie Fratto

One of the defining characteristics of a good leader is that this is a person that knows how to adapt. Venture investor Natalie Fratto looks for this when deciding whether to put money into a start-up. She shares how you can measure and improve your adaptability.

6. How you can use imposter syndrome to your benefit – Mike Cannon-Brookes

Have you ever doubted your own abilities, or questioned whether the decision to start your own business was the right one? Mike Cannon-Brookes has advice to help you make imposter syndrome one of the driving factors in your life and business.

7. Don’t fail fast – fail mindfully – Leticia Gasca

Most entrepreneurs have heard the damning statistics, which doom most start-ups to fail within the first few years. Leticia Gasca believes entrepreneurs that fail shouldn’t feel ashamed about the times we don’t succeed, but instead use these setbacks as lessons by “failing mindfully”.

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