How point-of-sale software makes business transactions easier

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Mobile Point of Sale

If there’s one thing small business owners don’t want, it’s making it difficult for customers to pay for products and services. It goes without saying that every SMME has a bottom line, and anything that inhibits cash flow should be addressed immediately.

Thanks to technology, mobile point-of-sale software and apps now let even small businesses make it easy for clients and customers to pay for goods and services. You’ll have become well acquainted with apps like Zapper and SnapScan, which are now widely used by businesses, both small and large, across South Africa, and you’ll have encountered mobile POS systems like Yoco, but do you know how can these payment gateways benefit your small business?

They allow payments from anywhere, not just your business premises

If you utilise a mobile POS system for transactions, you can take the checkout to your customers. This is especially useful for small businesses that offer a delivery service.

Less risk working with cash

Studies show that consumers are less likely to carry cash due to the risk of COVID infections. These payment methods will make your potential consumer more likely to spend with you seeing that they don’t need to work with cash.

They help you to keep track of your business inventory

A quick breakdown of what is selling and what is not will help business owners to gauge what is going on in their inventory, and to manage it more effectively.

They provide marketing insight

When you know what is selling, it makes it easier to market products and services to your customer base, allowing you to streamline your marketing efforts in a way that leads to sales.

They help your employees become better salespeople

While your employees may be committed to making sales, keeping track of all the products and services can be tedious, especially if employees are just starting out with you. With mobile POS systems, employees always have a catalogue at the ready, and can quickly give clients and customers an idea of everything you offer.

They ensure you never lose a sale

Perhaps the most prominent benefit of mobile POS systems is the fact that they allow sales anywhere, anytime, regardless of whether customers have cash with them.

All in all, investing in good quality, trusted point-of-sale software is something that will pay for itself in no time, letting business owners focus on expanding their client and customer base.

To learn how you can streamline all your mobile expenses and save by moving to prepaid, contact Business Prepaid for a tailored solution that suits your business and your pocket.


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