These entrepreneurs braced the pandemic to build a new business

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bracing covid 19

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to the world of business. For entrepreneurs who were tasked with keeping new businesses afloat, these challenges have been hugely amplified.

It stands to reason, then, to wonder whether starting a completely new business in the midst of a global crisis is a good – and realistically lucrative – idea.

South Africans are gritty and used to challenging business environments, though, and a number of entrepreneurs have utilised the new opportunities the pandemic has brought to create new chances of establishingand expanding businesses. Check out these entrepreneurs that have braced the COVID storm to build a new business, and do a whole world of good while they’re at it.

Asanda Maqabuka

Food delivery services have become the mainstay of South African restaurants as they have been faced with continuous lockdown measures that restrict their operations. Not all provinces are equipped with the infrastructure to offer food delivery to customers, which is why Asanda Maqabuka decided to launch the Yojo Food app. Based in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape, one of the country’s more rural provinces, Maqabuka offer eateries a platform to coordinate deliveries and ensure their livelihoods without having to worry about the logistics.

Kim Whitaker

Recognising two simultaneous problems brought about by the pandemic, Kim Whitaker, who is also the co-founder of Khwela Womxn, an initiative that empowers women through tech and networking, founded Ubuntu Beds. This start-up links frontline healthcare workers with hospitality businesses, ensuring that they have a place to spend the night while doing their important work, while also providing a lifeline to the struggling hospitality industry.

Qhawe Bula

This young student entrepreneur realised the importance of reading and education, and 2020 was the year that his digital library of read-along children’s books in all 11 official languages launched. Dubbed TAQA, the second-year social sciences student’s creation looks to address the shocking literacy shortcomings among South Africa’s youth by promoting reading in their mother tongue.

Lizl Naude

Entrepreneurs have the magical ability to also tailor their offering according to the specific needs of their customers at a given time. Lizl Naude, the founder of Lilly Loompa, a company that supplies upcycled homeware, expanded her business to include the My Africa Lap Desk, a portable desk created from discarded wood. As remote work became the norm across the country and the world, this is a well thought-out addition to her existing start-up business.

If you are a business owner that has been feeling despondent about the growth of your business in especially trying economic times, you’ll be able to draw inspiration from these malleable moguls, who have made the best of a difficult situation.

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