What type of entrepreneur are you?

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Building a small business? Here are 5 key positions you should fill.

The author Joe Abraham identified four distinct types of entrepreneurs in his book, Entrepreneurial DNA. Based on a study of more than 1000 entrepreneurs, Abraham deducted that entrepreneurs think differently and ultimately run their businesses differently; based on the approach to business they usually take.

Insofar as it pertains to their so-called “entrepreneurial DNA”, entrepreneurs can be grouped into four different categories. What type of entrepreneur are you?

The Specialist

Specialist entrepreneurs are experts in their field and, as such, are quite risk averse, preferring a more analytical take on business. This type of entrepreneur usually sees great success in the start-up and early growth phases of their business, but they tend to favour a customer service approach instead of a selling approach, which means that their business may not have the fast-tracked growth that organisations with different entrepreneurial types at the helm experience. The Specialist measures success based on their personal income.

The Builder

Different to the Specialist, the Builder knows how to build scalable businesses quickly. Infrastructure is the measure of success for the Builder, and this type of entrepreneur knows how to put together a team that will get the job done – pronto! Because Builders tend to have controlling temperaments, they may find it difficult to build personal relationships in the workplace – for this entrepreneur, it is all about setting up a business that runs like a well-oiled machine.

The Opportunist

The best marketers and sellers among all the entrepreneurial types, Opportunists can spot a chance for business a mile away, and know when to jump on trends, and when to move on. Creating renewal and residual income is what drives this type of entrepreneur, and they measure success by the amount of money they make when they aren’t actually working. Ever the optimist, the Opportunist’s impulsiveness is both a blessing and a curse.

The Innovator

These types of entrepreneurs aren’t fussed with the office as much as they prefer working on a product or service that they love. Their measure of success is the impact that their business has on people. Innovators are often the ones who own the intellectual property of some of the world’s most widely used products and services, but despite their knack for the new, these entrepreneurs don’t find it easy to talk shop with their business peers. No matter what type of entrepreneur you are, keeping expenses in check can make or break your business. Business Prepaid helps businesses save on their mobile expenses – let us help you streamlin

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