Building a small business? Here are 5 key positions you should fill.

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Building a small business? Here are 5 key positions you should fill.

Building a small business takes grit, loads of hard work and a stellar team, and while entrepreneurs often take most of the tasks upon themselves, it is important to note that every small business owner will need help to run their operations smoothly.

When building that essential stellar team, business owners may find themselves wondering what positions are crucial to their enterprise – here are five key positions that every entrepreneur should fill.

1. An accountant or bookkeeper

Ultimately, the main aim of any business is to make money. In this regard, it is paramount that a small business owner has a competent accountant by their side to help them set up a financial strategy, and oversees their income and expenditure.

2. A marketing aficionado

Getting the word out about the business is one of the most important ways of ensuring that the organisation makes money. Having a seasoned marketer oversee the advertising approach of the business is of the utmost importance.

3. An IT whizz

It goes without saying that technology is one of the central drivers of businesses today, no matter what industry they function in. Your business’s tech needs must be taken care of if you are planning to stay connected to employees and customers. Unless you are running your company from a cave, and serving customers who also live in the surrounding tech-barren landscape, you’ll need an IT guru on your team.

4. An admin assistant

Running a business comes with a lot of paperwork, and keeping up with everything is something many entrepreneurs struggle to do in the midst of trying to run a new business. Employing the services of an admin assistant or even a virtual assistant can go a long way in freeing up time to focus on other pressing matters.

5. A general manager

Think of this person as your second-in-command. The general manager oversees the entire business, strategising to improve the various aspects of the business. This person can also assist the business owner with regards to operations, staff and customer care.

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