Never be blindsided by mobile spending again.

Customise. Automate. Stay in control.

A Simply Smart Airtime alternative, keeping your business connected without the commitment of long-term contracts. Register for free, customise and recharge the way you want. Flexible payment options, and tax invoices to suit your business. You get to keep your SIM cards safe and secure in your free, digital SIM Vault

How to use Business Prepaid

Simple, free registration.

No contracts involved.

to set up your preferences

Allocate airtime, data and voice bundles to your staff.

You have complete control.

Simply recharge

Do a quick once-off or a recurring monthly recharge.

View the history whenever you want to.

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SIM Vault

The SIM Vault offers a free, secure environment for your business to manage your SIM inventory. Purchase and RICA SIM cards, allocate and recharge your employees to keep them connected at all times. The SIM Vault caters for all South African mobile networks. Click here for more